Coating Options

One of our many benefits to our customers is that we offer a wide range of coating options on your order. Most orders include at least one type of coating for free. Scroll down for more information on the coating options that we offer.

High Gloss UV Coating - This coating has a very high gloss sheen to it. Printed products with this coating typically look like they have a thin laminate on top or resemble a high gloss photo finish.
Coating helps protect the ink, the coating deepens the colors on the sheet resulting in rich vibrant coloring. If you are looking for deep blacks then this is the option for you.
High Gloss UV coating is difficult to write or print on.
If running postcards and using stamps and labels go ahead and chose UV coating on both sides. If you are writing on them or using a printer to address them then chose matte coating for the mailing side. If you want the best of both worlds then try spot coating where you have a mixture of High Gloss and matte.

Matte Coating - This option has a smooth but not glossy finish.
Easy to write or print on and provides a clean, non-flashy finish.
Coloring is not as deep as with the High Gloss UV coating.
Tips: Use this coating on mailing side of postcards when you need to be able to print on them (not needed if you are using labels and stamps).

Aqueous (AQ) Coating- This coating option is in between High Gloss UV coating and Matte coating. It's considered a gloss finish but it's not as glossy as the UV coating. It looks very similar to a semi-gloss photo finish like you might get at a photo developing shop.
Easier to write on and print on than the High Gloss UV coating but not as easy to write on as the Matte coating. Deepens the colors when applied but a little less than the UV coating. Does not show fingerprints like UV and Matte do sometimes when fingers are oily.
Tips: This coating is common on our flyers and brochures. Use it when you want to have a nice professional look without coming across as "flashy." If this is going to be mailed then make sure your mailing can handle AQ coating. Most shops can but they might charge more having to use special ink. Better yet, let Sac Digital handle your mailing for you. Our prices are as low as they come for mailing and you will save valuable time by not having to send them somewhere else.

Spot Coating - This coating option combines High Gloss UV coating with Matte coating to create a very professional effect that is sure to impress. The sky is the limit. You can apply gloss coating to a logo and leave the rest, you can create a watermark effect on the cards. Since the coating is clear you can only see it at an angle. When choosing this coating option you need to provide a separate file to specify where the coating is applied. The file should be pure black and white where the black is where the coating will be applied. Please make sure that the file is in vector format (.pdf, .eps, .ai) and the same dimensions of the other files.
Pros: Spot coating is very uncommon since most printers do not even offer it. It makes people look twice at the product and that difference can be the difference of getting a call or ending up in the trash.
Cons: None.
Tips: Spot coating allows you to be creative and add neat effects like "invisible text" that is only visible at an angle. You could add all of your services in a coating, so the information is there if needed but does not clutter up the card. Make the customer work for the info. Add a promotional coupon code in the coating and tell them to look at an angle for their prize. The possibilities are endless.

Not all coating options are available for each product. If you need a special coating, or an option that is not listed on your particular product give us a call for a custom quote.