Design Services

One thing to keep in mind with us is that we don't print or charge your credit card till you have approved your proof and we have cleared it of any files problems. Placing and order with us is always a risk-free experience. If you don't like your proof, you're not charged! Our sole responsibility is to make sure your print job looks it's best. When your job looks good, we look good.

No Design/Setup Needed - Choosing this option means that your files are already designed and are ready to upload. If your files are not setup correctly and we can fix them in a half hour or less we will make the corrections and send you a proof for approval. If you are unsure how to setup your files please check the file setup section of our site or contact us. We are more than happy to guide you through, step-by-step on setting up your files. We will do anything we can to make sure your job looks as good as it possibly can.

Submitting a job that is already designed is easy. Once you click "Add to Cart" you will be prompted to upload your files. If you would like to upload your files at the end then just skip this step and you will be prompted again at the end of your order (we recommend this if you have large files so you don't have to wait for your files to finish). Once we receive the files we will check them thoroughly and send your proof for approval. After the proof is approved we will process your order as quickly as possible and get it on the next press run.

Standard Layout/Design - If your job is not completely designed and ready for printing chose this option. We can take your suggestions, layout, logos, text drawings and instructions and turn it into something professional. If you are not a graphic designer this is a great value. For a small price you get: a professional design, 4 rounds of revisions (90% of the jobs are approved after 2), and artwork that is guaranteed to print correctly.

Submitting an order with layout/design is easy. Once you click the "add to cart" button you will have the opportunity to upload any files that will help with design (logos, images, text, a file showing the layout, etc.). After you are finished with uploading your files you will need to confirm your payment and shipping information. There is a box on the bottom where you can add comments about the order. This is a good place to add add special instructions about the design or to add the text that you wanted on your job.

Once you have submitted your order one of our designers will review your order and any files you have uploaded. If we have any questions about the order we will contact you via phone or email to resolve any questions about content or the direction you would like to take the design. After we have everything we need please allow up to 48hrs for your first proof. Please review the proof carefully and respond with either an approval to print or the changes you would like for the next proof. Once we receive an approval on the proof we will process your order as quickly as possible and get your job on the next press run.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.