Post Card Coating Options

One of our many benefits to our customers is that we offer a wide range of coating options on your order. Most orders include at least one type of coating for free. Scroll down for more information on the coating options that we offer.

Gloss UV Coating Both Sides (UV/UV) - This option has high gloss UV coating on both sides. If you chose this option you will need to use labels to mail your postcards. If you are having us mail them you will need to select either UV gloss on the front and matte on the back or matte on both sides. If you want need a better explanation of UV coating please read the description towards the bottom of this page.

Gloss UV Coating One Side (UV/Mt) - This option gives you the best of both worlds. It has high gloss UV coating on the front and matte coating on the backside. This is the recommended coating choice if you are using us to mail your postcards. You get the high gloss coating on the front and we are able to print on the back.

Matte Coating Both Sides - This option features matte coating on both the front and the backside. This is a great look for clean and simple postcards without lots of dark colors or photos.

High Gloss UV Coating - This coating has a very high gloss sheen to it. Printed products with this coating typically look like they have a thin laminate on top or resemble a high gloss photo finish.
Coating helps protect the ink, the coating deepens the colors on the sheet resulting in rich vibrant coloring. If you are looking for deep blacks then this is the option for you.
High Gloss UV coating is difficult to write or print on.
If running postcards and using stamps and labels go ahead and chose UV coating on both sides. If you are writing on them or using a printer to address them then chose matte coating for the mailing side. If you want the best of both worlds then try spot coating where you have a mixture of High Gloss and matte.

Matte Coating - This option has a smooth but not glossy finish.
Easy to write or print on and provides a clean, non-flashy finish.
Coloring is not as deep as with the High Gloss UV coating.
Tips: Use this coating on mailing side of postcards when you need to be able to print on them (not needed if you are using labels and stamps).

Not all coating options are available for each product. If you need a special coating, or an option that is not listed on your particular product give us a call for a custom quote.