Presentation Folder Pockets

Just one of the many ways to customize your presentation folder order. You can chose from having a folder pocket on the left, right or on both sides.

Pockets are 4" tall and are great for holding fliers and brochures on your company. Not only can you use the pocket to hold papers you can also have us add slits for business cards or even CD's.

Pockets are created by folding the front of the folder under and gluing a tab in place. This means that you always get free printing on the pockets if you want. Just remember to design them upside down so when folded they will read correctly. Make sure to check out the design templates for more information or have one of our designers create a professional design for your company.

Need a custom die-cut pocket for your company? Want a pocket in the shape of your logo? There are lots of custom options we have to offer, call us for a free quote.